The Dailys: May 31 – The day before the ride

It’s funny I started planning out this ride a very long time ago. You would think with so much lead time I would be all ready to go. You would think. I believe I am all packed up. I have an idea on tomorrow’s route. I do however wish I would have worked harder getting more attention for this ride. I never used a publicist or a PR team. It’s not about getting my name out there. It’s about raising even more money and getting more people to participate in this ride. I want you to tell me where to stop. I truly hope to meet some of you on the route. Hey, 48 states is kind of cool right?
48 states?
You may recall in March Chris Kael (5Finger Death Punch)  and I did a little 2100 mile ride called the Polar pre-ride. It was incredible and you can see in earlier posts the places we stopped at.
That was all done on my Harley and now I am riding an Indian Motorcycle. I don’t know why I decided to add even more on this ride but I have decided to revisit California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. I am starting from 0 and state number 1.. More detail about this route soon but I just wanted to post something in the blog section