#RikisRide17 Day 46 FINAL DAY..

Today is the final day of #RikisRide17 we have had so many cool stops this year.. well every year, but this year Riki met more fans then ever before!  That made this ride so special.. add to that the amazing support from the RacPac and the Deathwish Coffee Fan community and the amazing amount that was raised to support #ClairesPlaceFoundation as of right now over $16,285 dollars and this year was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Riki made stops and did periscopes but his last stop at Darlington Raceway was EPIC! We went along with him while he rode the track that is nicknamed “Too Tough To Tame” Awesome video on Instagram too!

He will be heading home now, but want to thank all the people and companies involved:  #DeathwishCoffeeCompany #HotLeathers #LawTigers #IndianMotorcycles #OffAxisPaint #MyPlaceHotels #RideNowConcord <– and so many people along the way!